Mayleen Ramey Will Make You Want to Watch Tennis on the Daily

With a long and successful list of notable TV work under her belt, it really doesn’t hurt one bit that the Tennis Channel’s Mayleen Ramey truly is one heck of a babe! Sure, we’ve seen a lot of hot sportscasters in our day; but Mayleen is by far one of the sexiest to ever live.
Spending the vast majority of her childhood overseas, Mayleen’s love for tennis began at the age of three. By the age of 5 this gorgeous TV host had already lived in 5 different continents, so saying that she is ‘well traveled’ is a complete and total understatement. With a love for travel, luxury living, and tennis, Mayleen went on to pursue her degree in Business Economics after graduating high school. But, when you’re as hot as this woman, Hollywood obviously has a way of calling your name!

Mayleen took her first step towards TV success when she accepted a position as one of the original VJ’s for MtvU. Since then, she’s worked with numerous noteworthy TV network’s like E!, ESPN, and NBC along with acting as both a host and a producer on the Tennis Channel’s “Destination Tennis” and the entertainment news series OK!TV. But besides being impressively successful in just about every way imaginable, Mayleen Ramey tops the hotness charts with an enthusiastically entertaining TV persona and far too much hotness for us to even attempt to explain in words.
They say a picture paints a thousand words and when it comes to Mayleen Ramey we couldn’t agree more. Go ahead and check out Mayleen’s hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

Choose a Major Based on Your Personality Type
Choose a Major Based on Your Personality Type