Jenn Brown: Hottest Photos Of The NFL Network Sportscaster

When you’re a two-time Emmy Award winning sports broadcaster who also moonlights as a TV personality, being hot kind of just goes without question. But when it comes to NFL Network sportscaster Jenn Brown, that hotness is simply amplified to a level that’s completely un-real!
After graduating high school, the gorgeous and ever so talented Jenn Brown went on to attend the University of Florida, where she in turn ending up becoming a Division I Collegiate Athlete. It didn’t take too long after graduating before Jenn hopped on board with ESPN where she spent 8 years covering college football and baseball games, as well as long line of other sports-related reporting activities. From there, Jenn went on to snag herself a spot with the NFL Network where she became the first ever female correspondent for Inside the NFL, and can currently be seen covering covering both boxing and MMA events.

College football, to boxing/MMA, it’s pretty safe to say that this woman is obviously one heck of a sports fan! Did we mention that she’s also smokin’ hot? Yeah, Jenn Brown truly may have it all.
You can check out NFL sportscaster Jenn Brown in her hottest photos on the internet in the gallery below!

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