MMA Gracie Shamrock Bout Controversy — Looks Like A Low Blow To Us [VIDEO]

Royce Gracie brought the brawling back to MMA when he took on Ken Shamrock at Houston’s Toyota Center as the main event of Bellator 149. That’s an old-fashioned knee-to-the-groin that helped Gracie win a much-protested TKO over Shamrock.
As you’ll see in the video below, the referee showed the timing of a WWE professional in carefully missing the shot to the groin. Gracie thought, “Well, that must’ve been cool,” and then pummeled Shamrock with plenty more punches. That ended things at 2:22 into the first round. That’s how a 49-year-old MMA fighter beats a 52-year-old man for his first win since 2007.
No apologies from Gracie, either, who later declared: “I’m a fighter. We come from the beginning — no gloves, no rules, no time limits.”
This was supposed to be a big deal remake, too, since it’s been over 20 years since these two went into the ring. Shamrock lost to Gracie at UFC 1, and their bout at UFC 5 ended in a draw after the longest fight in the history of the UFC.
Anyway, this was the turning point of a very short fight. Don’t forget this low blow is brought to you by Miller Lite…
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