Syracuse Orange Cheerleaders 2018: Hottest Photos Of The Squad

Coming equipped with a whole lot of spirited team pride and tons of hotness just to make the deal that much sweeter, the Syracuse Orange Cheerleaders are by far one of the best of the best. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at them; yeah, enough said!
Consisting of a great big group of highly talented COED cheer pro’s, the Syracuse Orange Cheerleaders aren’t another run of the mill college cheerleading team; this highly enthusiastic blue and orange-clad spirit squad truly know a thing or two about what cheerleading is all about! With their soul purpose being to support both the Division I-A Orange football and the men’s and women’s basketball teams, the Syracuse Orange Cheerleaders can not only be found cheering their hearts out on the sidelines, but can also be seen giving back at a variety of local events and avidly known for their community service work.
The Syracuse cheerleading program is split into two squads, the Orange and Blue Teams. The Orange Squad is a competitive co-ed team, while the Blue Squad is an all-girl team that performs on gamedays.
The Orange Team is led by Spirit Program Coordinator and Head Cheer Coach Dena Segbers, who receives assistance from Mackenzie Woodard. Shaelyn Cavanaugh serves as head coach for the Blue Team.
Talented, enthusiastic, and kind-hearted as can be; it’s fairly simple to see why the Syracuse Orange Cheerleaders are easily one of the best of the best. Check out the Syracuse Orange Cheerleaders in their hottest photos in the gallery here.

2018 Syracuse Cheerleading Roster

  • Ziad Abougoash
  • Keiya Akiyama
  • Alexis Brito
  • Lia Bruno
  • Nicole Carlacci
  • Lauren Chamberlin
  • Chris Chomicki
  • Madison Dallas
  • Katie Dukewits
  • Jenna Freytag
  • Paola Gonalez
  • Zahra Hampstead
  • Caitlyn Harley
  • Brenna Hart
  • Jessica Kommor
  • Dana Lussier
  • Kate O’Shea
  • Colleen Oriani
  • Jimmy Perra
  • Gia Renzi
  • Collin Scanley
  • Victoria Scozzafava
  • Farren Shannon
  • Amanda Spoleti
  • Summer Thompson
  • Sean Wuestman


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