NBA Finals 2017 Game 4: Score, Stats & Live Updates

This could be it or maybe not who knows. The sort of probably last game of the NBA season, Game 4 of the NBA Finals on ABC at 9 P.M. Eastern Time. Warriors are on the brink of making history as the first team to go 16-0 in the postseason.


Last year’s odds to come back seemed void but this year, coming back 0-3 for the Cavaliers seems insurmountable. Especially against a much better and more focused Golden State Warriors, who knew replacing Kevin Durant with Harrison Barnes would’ve worked out so well. Kevin Durant if he keeps this us will not only bring in his first NBA Title but his first Finals MVP which is impressive considering he’s playing with three other All Stars. What we’re seeing is really special to watch, a team that’s elite on both ends of the floor at every position.
For the Cavs outside there’s been little to feel good about. Their defense has no answers for either Kevin Durant or Steph Curry giving up 110 points for all three of their games. Cavs did a better job of controlling the pace of the game but that all fell apart at the end where you could blame either bad coaching or fatigue. The Cavaliers had every opportunity to take a game but blew their chance. We’ll know by how their energy is in the first half if we should wrap up early. A lot of money’s at stake for the NBA and hopefully they’ll pull some underhanded tactics to give us at least a little something to get excited about.

First Quarter

-Cavs are playing like their seasons on the line.
-Cavs are making up for their efforts on the board with offensive rebounds for second chance points.
-LeBron hits Kevin Love with a beauty as Love cuts to the lane
-Jeff Van Gundy is ranting about the Kardashian Kurse, they need to do more research it’s every bit as real as the Based God Curse.
-Kevin Love is finally hitting shots from beyond the arc after being cold from 3 all series.
-6:54 LeBron draws foul another foul up 15.
-5:45 Kyrie does Kyrie things in isolation, Cavs are shooting 60% from the field
-5:25 Draymond don’t want none of Tristan Thompson’s shit.
-4:13 LeBron draws a foul by posting up Iguodala.
-3:34 Richard Jefferson is competing with Deron Williams for biggest no show
-3:15 Cavs finally hitting their 3s this series.
-1 :55Warriors are complaining about every call.
-1:43 Richard Jefferson off the turnover looks to get an easy dunk but gets fouled by Javele McGee.
-1:22 McGee hits an awkward layup then Kevin Love hits a 3 on the other end
-56.4 Jefferson gets his, 46 first quarter points for the Cavaliers.
-Cavs have scored the most points in a quarter in NBA Finals History.

Second Quarter

-110:30 Kyrie hits his third three of the game.
-8:55 Klay Thompson for 3 off catch and shoot
-7:52 Live Stream down! Live Stream down!
-1:45 Live Stream Back time2ball
-1:15 Kyrie Irving makes tough shots for a living, no surprises with this guy.
-1:00 Kevin Durant flushes it down hard on the other end in an attempt to calm the crowd
-45.39 Kevin Love hits a 3, try again later Durant.
-00:00 13 3s in the first half, most 3s in a half in the NBA Finals and most points in a half period.”””’,,,,,09

Third Quarter

-11:28 Curry dishes to Green for an easy layup, Warriors coming out hot
-10:50 Kyrie misses a mid range isolation but gets his own rebound and drains his 5th 3.
-10:13 LeBron passes behind the back to Tristan, panics and kicks out to Love for another 3.
-8:58 LeBron throws up an alley oop to himself off the backboard, James really wants that Triple Double.
-7:30 Love is feasting off these corner 3s
-7:26  Durant and LeBron jawing at each other on the sideline. No collab album in sight.
-4:14 Cavs playing some good defense on the Warriors in the half court. Warriors ball movement is diminishing.
-4:02 Crowd chants Draymond sucks, but Tristan Thompson is still on the court.
-3:09 LeBron wastes a possession with an isolated 3, Curry takes the ball coast to coast for an easy layup. These are the types of possessions that put the Cavs down this series.
-2:38 Tyrone Lou puts LeBron at the 5, I actually like this move.
-2:10 Deron Williams officially has more points in the NBA Finals than Chris Paul. D-Will > CP3
-1:10 I love frisky NBA fights, Zaza would kick Shumpert’s ass in a legit fight. Chaos on the court, a Cavs fan is being escorted for defending his land.
-51.3 Jefferson blocks Durant’s three but his old man legs can’t keep the momentum. Warriors get the rebound in the back court, Livingston drives and swings it to the the top of the key. Curry misses the 3.
-26.5 Deron Williams still has more points than Chris Paul and broke the record for most 3s in an NBA Finals game.
-2.9 LeBron with a step back 3 and the Cavs keep pulling away when the Warriors are within striking distance.
115-96 Cavs

Fourth Quarter

-12:00 LeBron sits on the bench, hope the Cavs aren’t getting too comfortable because that’ll be their downfall.
-11:05 McCaw and Thompson hit back to back 3s, so much for some rest LeBron
-8:42 Irving is making tough shots on the perimeter than follows the next possession with a contested circus shot on Klay Thompson.
-6:58 LeBron isolates on the perimeter against Durant, makes it personal by draining it.
-6:07 Bron takes a 3, rebound Kyrie, dishes to Thompson under the basket and Draymond Green goes for Thompson’s head.
-5:20 I want to get excited but seeing the Warriors miss all these shots they usually make really doesn’t do anything for me. How can anyone expect the Cavs to score this well for three more games?
-4:50 LeBron pulls down a board from Igoudala’s blown layup and now has more triple doubles in the Finals than Magic Johnson. Huzzah!
-4:20 Good sign to see the Cavs still moving the ball with this large a lead down the stretch.
-2:55 More ball movement leads to an catch and shoot 3 for JR Smith.
-2:16 Kyrie Irving brings the ball up the court goes to the left of the key, frees himself and splashes another 3 point shot. Irving is ridiculous.
-1:22 The benches are emptied, Derrick Williams now has more points in the NBA Finals than Chris Paul.


137-116 Cavaliers
Even though the Cavaliers controlled from the tip this was probably the most exciting game this series. Game 5 is another gut check for them, if the bench plays as well as they did tonight there’s no reason why they can’t come back to Cleveland for Game 6. Limiting turnovers and transition opportunities for the Wariors is key. Warriors were clearly frustrated from the officiating and let it effect their performance despite the calls when compared was in favor of the Warriors. Expect every sports pundit to give their hot take that the Cavs have turned the corner and are ready to shock the world again, but don’t expect another performance like this especially on the road.  Sometimes a glimmer of hope is all that’s needed, NBA fans we needed this.

NBA Finals Game 4 Live Stream: How To Watch Warriors vs. Cavaliers Online
NBA Finals Game 4 Live Stream: How To Watch Warriors vs. Cavaliers Online