LISTEN: JAY-Z, ‘4:44' Stream & Download: New Album

This is a message to those who haven’t already used their one month free trial for TIDAL subscription on Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ or Kanye West‘s ‘The Life of Pablo’ you’re in a good position to listen to JAY-Z’s next project ‘4:44’. Take notice in that when you write JAY-Z your caps lock must be on and allow the hyphen to exact it’s vengeance for being forgotten a few years back.
Inspirations was picked up along the process for this album from his wife’s project ‘Lemonade’ with a visual representation of the music. In an industry where every medium is mirroring the polished production that films has delivered, we still see you back there television, it only makes sense that established artists like JAY will throw money to make their album as big of a spectacle as possible.
Roll out for the album started with vague ‘4:44’ ads being places in various places in New York City accompanied by an ad during the NBA Finals. The ads were being sponsored by TIDAL and there’s only two major artists who’s loyalties have stayed with TIDAL since the declaration was officially signed
Sprint is looking to make good with their new acquisition of TIDAL that they made back in January, with every Sprint customer having an automatic subscription to the music streaming service will almost guarantee this album will go platinum. JAY-Z is using a strategy akin to the marketing genius of Jay Z’s deal with Samsung. For the release of ‘Magna Carter Holy Grail’ the first million owners of the new Samsung line of phones were able to access the album from the accompanying app, basically certifying that Jay Z would go platinum. Now with streaming being recognized as an album purchase and a much larger deal in place with Sprint, this album is already a guaranteed hit.
If you really wanted to make an occasion out of the release than Sprint is having several events throughout these major cities tonight to celebrate their business acquisition and since we’ve all had that one dream of turning up in a Sprint store.

How to Stream JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’

You’ll only be able to listen to ‘4:44’ if you’re either one of the 3 million subscribed to TIDAL or if you’re one of the 58 million subscribed to Sprint. Not only did JAY-Z change his name but back in April he took all of his music down from Apple Music and Spotify, destroying any evidence of his existence aside from a few underwhelming features. If you’re a Spotify subscriber your only memory of JAY-Z will be his collab with Linkin Park.
JAY-Z’s new album begins and ends with TIDAL and you can download the app on both the Google Play Store and iTunes. If you’re a Sprint customer you have a six month trial of TIDAL at your disposal but if switching phone plans on a whim is too much of a hassle they still offer a free month to anyone who signs up. There’s also, of course TIDAL’s official website for those who would like to sign up or listen on their computer.

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