'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Justin Roiland Finally Got His Szechuan Sauce From McDonald's

Justin Roiland, co-creator of the insanely popular animated series Rick and Morty, was blessed with one of the most coveted dipping sauces on the planet. That’s right, I’m talking about the beloved Szechuan Sauce from McDonald’s. The sauce debuted in the summer of 1998 to help promote the Disney movie Mulan, but unfortunately, it disappeared from menus shortly afterwards.
In the season three premiere of Rick and Morty, it was revealed that Rick was a fiend for this elusive sauce. You can check out the bizarre clip in the video below.

McDonald’s must have heard Rick loud and clear because Roiland just received the culinary gift of a lifetime. He posted photos of his Szechuan Sauce bounty on Twitter, and via Nerdist, I’ve included text of the letter in case you can’t make it out.

We finally did it. It took months, but we’ve finally brought back some Szechaun Sauce.
We’ll spare you the physics, but turns out, Dimension C-1998M is a dimension where it’s always 1998. 1998 every day. No smartphones, no social media. It’s a weird, scary place. But they’ve got Szechuan Sauce on the regular menu.
So here we are with some precious cargo–the Szechuan Sauce you remember and some sou-venirs from the some of the dimensions we tried along the way.
We wish we could’ve brought more sauce though, but we couldn’t risk keeping the a portal like that open. Think about it, if you knew in 1998 that McDonald’s would have All Day Breakfast in 2017, would you really want to stay in 1998? Of course not. If we left the portal open, we’d have puka shells, bucket hats and boy bands as far as the eye could see. It’s too risky, even for sauce as delicious as this.
A few lucky fans will also get to experience the glory, but the first bottle in this dimension is for you.
Stay Schwifty,
Chef Mike

McDonald’s also posted a photo of three 64-ounce bottles of Szechuan Sauce to Twitter. The caption reads, “75% of all our Szechuan Sauce in the universe is in this picture.”

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for how someone can get their hands on one of those beautiful jugs. Being the proud owner of a giant container of Szechuan Sauce makes Willy Wonka’s golden ticket look like child’s play.

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