Hillary Clinton Needs To Get A Grip & Go The Hell Away

2016 Hillary: “I am the most unlikeable politician of all time”
2017 Hillary: “Hold my beer.”
Back when Donald Trump won the Presidential Election, I thought to myself, “Well, we may have an orange reality TV star as the leader of the free world now, but at least I’ll never have to see Hillary Clinton‘s reptilian ass again.”
Here we are, almost a year removed from Hillary Clinton pulling an Atlanta Falcons on the Presidential Election, and she’s STILL making press rounds spewing her bullshit.
When you lose, you should not be allowed to parade around for the next year relitigating the circumstances of your defeat. I don’t want to hear about electoral colleges or Russians or poor Rust Belt strategies from Hillary Clinton. If political news pundits want to make those comments, fine, because, in reality, they aren’t wrong. But they should not be coming from the mouth of the horse itself.
It’s almost as if she looked in the mirror and said to herself “Well Hill, we just lost an election because we were so unlikeable … but how do we become MORE unlikeable?” Ah! Got it! We’ll write a book blaming everyone else but myself for my massive failure of a campaign! That’ll do it!”

All that said, gotta love Colbert giving Hill Dog the jokes he WOULD have used had she won — you could almost see her have a Vietnam-esque flashback in real time.

But don’t get it twisted: as truly skin-crawling and hateable Hillary is, she was, is, and will always be a better option than Donnie Freedom. Wanna know how I know? For all her faults, had Clinton won, there’d be no Nazis in our streets — I’ve been alive for a quarter century and white supremacy and neo-Nazism are more prevalent than ever.

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