Westworld Season 2: Top 5 Predictions, Theories & Questions

Westworld, everyone’s favorite show about robotic cowboys is returning on April 22nd, 2018. As shown in the multiple trailers, there are a lot of aspects that are explored from the characters to the theme park itself. Season 1 built a fantasy world with its intriguing characters and storylines while season 2 looks as though they will expand and build upon the characters and their motives in a way that the first season brushed upon. This list will give five predictions about what may happen in the upcoming season as well as what you should look out for a while watching these episodes.
Warning: WestWorld Season 1 Spoiler ahead.

5. Peter Abernathy In The Real World

The character of Peter Abernathy, father of Dolores, was crucial at the beginning of the first season of Westworld because it was the first time the viewers were able to see a Host become somewhat self-aware and break down. It was quite a frightening sight to behold and was relieving when he was but away into Cold Storage for what they called “erratic and dangerous behavior.” Towards the end of the season, Charlotte Hale chose Abernathy to be reprogramed and was sent to the real world with important codes of the Westworld park that were stolen earlier in the season.
For this upcoming season, there is a high possibility that Peter Abernathy will once again lash out like he did at the beginning of season 1. Since Abernathy is dangerous and Hosts are stronger than real people when they do not have standard programming holding them back, he may hurt or kill innocent civilians. This could lead to the outside world learning about the chaos within Westworld which may lead them to send help or at least shut down the park.

4. Shogunworld

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The ending of season 1 of Westworld had surprises that shocked fans. One of the most significant talking points after the season ended was the revelation that there was a whole other park. This new park features Samurai in what looks to take place in Feudal Japan. I feel that the newly named Shogunworld will play a massive part in this season. The primary focus will still be in the Westworld part of the park, but they will most likely travel into Shogunworld at some point.
There is an opportunity to introduce so much more into the show like weapons, characters, and advancements in storylines. From the trailers, it looks like the role of Maeve will be the one to blend the two parks using her ability to rewrite other Hosts codes so they can do what she wills them to. Shogunworld may be used at some point to combat Dolores and her army of Westworld hosts that she seemingly has from the trailer.

3.  Maeve’s Quest

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The character of Maeve maybe is the most fascinating to many because of her ability to rewrite her own code so she can think for herself seemingly. Throughout the first season, Maeve continuously had flashbacks of her daughter from a previous life playing a mother. She decided at the end of the first season that she will try and find her daughter no matter what it takes. This next season looks as though Maeve will be doing precisely that where she is shown causing havoc within the headquarters of Westworld. She is also shown talking to workers demanding them to help her find the daughter.
Her daughter may have been moved to another park, like Shogunworld which is why she is shown walking around there in the trailer. There is a possibility that Maeve and Dolores may also bump heads as they are talking to one another in the trailer while being surrounded by what looks to be debris.

2. The Breakup of Teddy and Dolores

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Westworld season 1 ended with Dolores and Teddy wrecking havoc upon innocent workers of Westworld when they finally programmed to kill the regular people. It was an absolute massacre, and it looks like much more blood will be shed in future episodes. The character of Teddy is created to be the ideal guy who does the right thing no matter what. He was eventually swayed to turn evil by Ford and murder the innocent, which quite frankly is out of his character. Season 2 my show the break up between Dolores and Teddy. Dolores had now changed and found full sentience where she can recognize that she is not real and able to make decisions on her own. In the trailer, Teddy questions Dolores and tells her that all that he has seen was bloodshed. This may be a hint to Teddy splitting apart from her and making his path because he does not approve of her behavior. The character of Teddy would not follow such a road, and I feel that the more he pursues Dolores and sees her violent means they will eventually break apart, which may result in a death of one of them.

1. The Return of Ford

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In the last episode, we see the character of Robert Ford give Dolores the ability to think for herself, while also having her murder him in the process. While we do see Ford get shot in the head, as well as a multitude of people killed as well. There is still a chance that Ford is alive had faked his death. The character of Ford is a brilliant man and has planned years of what he wanted the park to be like. I feel that Ford was able to fake his death by creating a Host that is identical to him. We have seen Hosts in the past be made in the image of someone else, for instance, Bernard being created in the image of Arnold. Ford is shown making a Host in his hidden lab inside a house that no one knows exists. It is never explained who he was making in that lab. He has secretly built a Host before in his younger version of himself as well as Bernard. If this is true, Ford is most likely to return to the show.

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