Entrepreneurial Student In Trouble For Renting Out Dorm Room With Airbnb

As all current and former college students know, making ends meet during those four (or five) years can be difficult if you aren’t selling your Adderall.
Finding a part-time job is always an option, but there are only a finite amount of those in a college town, and it can be difficult to work one into your life if you want to remain social.
But because of new technologies such as Uber and Lyft and what not, finding a side *legitimate* (selling drugs doesn’t count, Brad) while at school is much easier now than it was in the past. However, just because some technology-driven part-time gigs are solutions for college students does not mean that all of them, such as Airbnb, are.
According to Northern Arizona University spokeswoman Kim Ott, the school recently discovered that an unidentified student was renting out their dorm room on Airbnb. Ott said that university police told the unauthorized guests to leave.
In a statement given on Friday, October 5,  Northern Arizona University said they contacted Airbnb and had the listing removed. Furthermore, Ms. Ott said that while the unnamed student remains enrolled at the school, they are facing disciplinary action for violating school policy.
ABC reports that the dorm room had a single bed and an attached bathroom and that the student gave renters access to the residence hall.
At this time, the university did not name the student and did not discuss specific disciplinary action.

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