There Are Rumors That Apple Are Changing The iPhone Charger … Again

As if Apple hasn’t utterly dominated the market (and the world) and shafted us every way possible for the last 20 years, it appears that they will be changing the charger on the iPhone … again.
That’s right, after already changing the charger from the fat boi to the slim jimmi and eliminating the headphone port, the latest rumors from Apple nerds indicate that the tech giants (who are also the first company is history to be valued at $1 trillion, by the way) are set to change the way we charge our iPhones yet again, this time switching to a USB-C port.
Why make the switch, you ask? I’m sure Tim Cook will tell you something about efficiency or design or whatever other snake oil Apple continues to peddle us, but as we all know, its so they can sell us new chargers … just like they sold us new headphones.
via MacRumors:

Mac Otakara‘s report also suggests that the next-generation iPhone coming in 2019 could potentially include a USB-C port. According to “those who are working on it,” though, it has not reached a design reference step and whether or not the new iPhones will use USB-C over Lightning is not yet fully established.
This is not the first time we’ve heard that USB-C could be a feature included in the 2019 iPhone lineup. Atherton Research analyst Jean Baptiste Su recently said that he believesApple will transition away from Lightning, introducing a USB-C port for the iPhone like it did on the 2018 iPad Pro models.
DigiTimes has also suggested in a vaguely worded report that 2019 iPhones could feature USB-C ports instead of Lightning ports, though it was difficult to tell if it was referring to the ports or a USB-C to Lightning cable for the iPhones.

As for when Apple would officially announce the new charging port if the rumor were true, it’d likely be in September.

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