Denver Man Adopts 18 Animals After Death of His Dog

Some people wait a while after losing their pet before getting a new one, opting to mourn the loss of their four-legged friend. Some don’t bother waiting, opting to fill that hole as soon as possible. Some never adopt another pet again, the pain of losing their first too great.

And then there’s Steve Greig. He lost his dog in 2013 during an accident. Hoping to honor his canine companion, Greig opted to adopt the oldest dog available from the local shelter. After that, he discovered that he enjoyed caring for senior dogs that are often overlooked in shelters due to requiring special care.

He doesn’t just stick to dogs either. A multitude of animals have taken residence in Greig’s home. Right now, he has nine senior dogs, four chickens, two ducks, a rabbit, a turkey, and a pig. Each of these animals were taken in over the six year span since the passing of Greig’s dog.

“It’s just incredibly rewarding,” Greig says. “These dogs get overlooked in shelters and they have so much light and love left in them. There’s just nothing better. Senior dogs are just so chill and fit so many people’s lifestyles.”

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These two like to follow me around in the mornings when I do my outside chores. Occasionally Enoch will hear something suspicious from the alley and let out a warning bark which is quickly followed by a "Yeah I got your back, gobble gobble" from Tofu. It's a nice cadence. A low deep bark followed by a midrange, pleasant warble, and I'm sure the combination is confusing enough to any would be intruder that it serves its purpose. Bringing Tofu into the fold has been sucn a rewarding experience. He loves hanging out in the yard greeting all the neighbors, coming inside to check everything out, getting head cuddles and just being a part of the family. I had no idea turkeys could be so social, sweet and interactive. I know keeping a family turkey isn't possible for everyone but @farmsanctuary has a program where you can sponsor a turkey that has been rescued from abuse and neglect so that they can live out their best turkey lives at the sanctuary. I sponsored one named Pamela. Her write up says she also enjoys a good cuddle. ❤ #adoptaturkey

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On top of adopting, Greig has also devoted his time to providing his pets with special needs any medication they require. Greig runs an Instagram page focused around his pets, which is now sitting pretty at a solid 903,000 followers. He uses the page to demonstrate that an animals age or physical condition doesn’t make them any less lovable.

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