‘Hamilton’ Movie Coming to Disney+ in July 2020

Streaming services have been our saving grace during the coronavirus pandemic and now Hamilton is bringing some much-needed excitement to its subscribers. Disney+ announced on Tuesday that the highly-touted musical will be coming to the streaming service one year earlier than initially anticipated.

Originally set to come to Disney+ in 2021 with a live recording at Richard Rodgers Theatre with the original cast, Hamilton will now be streaming on Disney+ beginning July 3, 2020.

“Lin-Manuel Miranda created an unforgettable theater experience and a true cultural phenomenon, and it was for good reason that ‘Hamilton’ was hailed as an astonishing work of art,” Disney CEO and chairman Robert Iger said in a statement at the time Hamilton’s move to the big screen was announced.

“All who saw it with the original cast will never forget that singular experience. And we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share this same Broadway experience with millions of people around the world.”

“I fell in love with musical storytelling growing up with the legendary Howard Ashman-Alan Menken Disney collaborations — ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Beauty and The Beast,’ ‘Aladdin,’ ” Miranda said. “I’m so proud of what Tommy Kail has been able to capture in this filmed version of ‘Hamilton’ — a live theatrical experience that feels just as immediate in your local movie theater. We’re excited to partner with Disney to bring the original Broadway company of ‘Hamilton’ to the largest audience possible.

“What I’m most excited about [is] you all have that friend that is like, ‘I saw it with the original cast.’ We’re stealing that brag from everyone because you’re all going to see it with the original cast. We’re just trying to find the right time to do it.”

Miranda will also see his musical In the Heights coming to theaters, but that is an adaptation of the stage production. For Hamilton, it will be a “live capture” of the musical which was filmed at Richard Rogers Theater in Manhattan.

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