Basic Hard Seltzer Brings Unique Twist To Shelves Just in Time For Summer

Basic Hard Seltzer is the latest seltzer brand to hit the shelves in the booming industry and it comes just in time for summer. Basic Hard Seltzer brings some simplicity, but also adds a hilarious, unique twist that will set it apart from the competitors.

The beverage has released with four flavors — Cranberry, Lemon, Cucumber, and Pamplemousse (grapefruit) — and will be available for purchase in variety 12 packs.

“At Phusion, we take pride in our ability to innovate based on what consumers are looking for. People want less frills and less noise, especially now. This is why we’re so thrilled to launch Basic Hard Seltzer,” said Jaisen Freeman, Co-founder of Phusion Projects LLC, in a statement. “All four flavors speak to the belief in getting back to the basics, simple ingredients done right. We’re really proud of that.”

But what sets the drink apart from its competitors in a loaded market?

The phone number 312.500.6627 is printed on every can and after a few prompts you will begin to receive no B.S. replies about everything from getting Basic knowledge dropped on you about upcoming events near you and information around the Basic ambassador program.

  • Text ‘Basic Facts’ if you want to seem smarter than you are to the happy hour crowd;
  • Text ‘Regret’ if you have ever fired off that 3:00 a.m.‘you up’ text to your ex you wish you could unsend. We’ll anonymously feature our favorite regrets on our social channels so don’t hold back!
  • Text ‘Basic ambassador program’ if you want to get closer to achieving your dream of being a #influencer by working with us;
  • Text ‘#nobullshit’ to prove that you have the can in your hand and you’re not a troll;
  • You can also text whatever the f*&% you want if you’re just trying to holler at us.

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Let’s be honest… we are all a little lonely during quarantine, so Basic Hard Seltzer could be the companion that we all need.

“We launched Basic Vodka in 2019 and consumers just seemed to get it. No fluff, just great tasting vodka. While there is a time and place for complexity, it shouldn’t be a prerequisite for what’s in your drink,” said Samantha Catalina, Marketing Director at Phusion Projects LLC. “We believe Basic Hard Seltzer will receive the same warm reception.”

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