WATCH: Customers Argue Over Social Distancing; Brawl Breaks Out

Social distancing isn’t hard. If you want to help stop the spread of the coronavirus so that life can get back to normal sooner rather than later, do your part by wearing a mask and staying six-feet away from others. And let’s be real, there aren’t many people that we actually like being around, so why not just avoid them to begin with?

Anyways, that simple concept led to an all-out brawl at the Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas.

One woman, who was sitting away from other patrons and wearing a mask, began arguing with another customer after she alleges the other woman’s husband coughed on her, according to TMZ.

There was a man standing between the two women in an effort to calm things down. However, the white woman’s husband then decides to inject himself into the argument and begins verbally attacking the woman who is wearing a mask. That catches the attention of her partner, who then turns around and strikes the white man over the head with a bottle and a fight breaks out.

Here is the wild scene as it plays out:

Somewhere along the line, logic escapes everyone involved.

If you are arguing about keeping a distance from other people, why would you get to the point where you are putting your hands on them? Unless you have freakishly long arms, that instantly violates the social distancing guidelines. But, I regress, tensions are high and people have forgotten how to behave in public after months of being locked at home.

There will likely be many more incidents like this as people attempt to transition back to life in public.

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WATCH: Dallas Karen Throws Food During Grocery Store Mask Meltdown