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NFL Strength of Schedule 2020: Which Teams Have the Hardest Schedule?

The National Football League plans to move forward with the 2020 NFL season despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Ahead of the season, experts have been analyzing the schedules and predicting which teams will come out on top.

One of the best ways to see how a team could succeed throughout the year is by looking at the strength of schedule. Strength of schedule is calculated by averaging opponents’ combined winning percentage from last year.

This season, the New England Patriots will have the toughest strength of schedule at .537. The New York Jets (.533) and Miami Dolphins (.529) follow behind.

The easiest schedules in the league, meanwhile, belong to the Baltimore Ravens (.438), Pittsburgh Steelers (.457), and Dallas Cowboys (.459).

Which teams have the toughest or easiest road this season?

A full look at the 2020 NFL strength of schedule can be seen below.

2020 NFL Strength of Schedule

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  • New England Patriots .537
  • New York Jets .533
  • Miami Dolphins .529
  • San Francisco 49ers .527
  • Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons .525
  • Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans .518
  • Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams .516
  • Denver Broncos .512
  • Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks .509
  • Green Bay Packers .504
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Indianapolis Colts .502
  • Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina Panthers .500
  • Tennessee Titans .498
  • Las Vegas Raiders .496
  • Jacksonville Jaguars .494
  • Los Angeles Chargers .492
  • New Orleans Saints .490
  • Philadelphia Eagles .486
  • New York Giants .482
  • Cincinnati Bengals .477
  • Washington .465
  • Cleveland Browns .461
  • Dallas Cowboys .459
  • Pittsburgh Steelers .457
  • Baltimore Ravens .438

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