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Sep 16, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Insane Video Game Theories, Katrina Bowden’s Bikini Pics & More [LINKS]

6 Insane Video Game Fan Theories (That Make Total Sense) The standard for nearly 30 years was to just fill...

Sep 11, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Why You Should Ride Your Bike, Stephanie Cook & More [LINKS]

What’s Not To Like About Riding Your Bike? We probably don’t need to present a case on why riding a...

Sep 10, 2013

Daily Six Pack: An Oral History of The Shield, Minka Kelly’s Cleavage & More [LINKS]

Good Cop, Bad Cop: An Oral History of The Shield In the 11 years since The Shield premiered, it’s hard...

Daily Six Pack: Beer in Space, Anna Kendrick & More [LINKS]

Beer That Is Perfect For Space Travel Because sometimes you just can’t carry the weight of a six pack, or...

Aug 21, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Weed Infused Nutella, Sofia Vergara & More [LINKS]

Weed Infused Nutella Is Totally Real “Nugtella” is the handiwork of San Jose-based company Organicares and does indeed combine hash...

Aug 20, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Prison Insanity, Francia Raisa & More [LINKS]

10 Criminals Who Got Away With Crazy Stuff In Prison After binge-watching Orange Is The New Black, we got curious...

Aug 19, 2013

Aug 14, 2013

Daily Six Pack: How To Live Simply, Lucy Pinder & More [LINKS]

Live Simply By Cleaning Out The Clutter It’s high time we start with a clean slate, dust off the cobwebs...

Aug 13, 2013

Daily Six Pack: IRL Superhero Fails, Rosie Jones & More [LINKS]

Not a single one of us hasn’t imagined a scenario wherein some grave injustice is being committed

Jul 24, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Bad First Date Movies, Ashley Sky & More! [LINKS]

15 Movies You Should Never Watch On The First Date It’s difficult to pick a movie for a first date....

Jul 23, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Terrifying Smartphone Hacks, Tiffany Habib & More [LINKS]

5 Terrifying Smartphone Hacks You Won’t Believe Are Possible Sometimes we fail to appreciate the fact that today, right now,...

Jul 22, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Power Ranking Dairy Queen, Ally Kelly & More! [LINKS]

Power Ranking Every Single Blizzard At Dairy Queen Going to Dairy Queen and not ordering a Blizzard is so dumb,...

Jul 22, 2013

5 Things We Learned About Emily Ratajkowski With AXE at Comic-Con 2013

We were at the 2013 San Diego International Comic-Con all weekend. Besides raging out at awesome Playboy parties, checking out...

Jul 16, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Horrifying Supermarkets, Agnieszka Radwanska & More [LINKS]

5 Horrifying Secrets Supermarkets Don’t Want You to Know As we are fond of pointing out, the only thing that...

Jun 28, 2013

Daily Six Pack: The Best Water Parks, Barbara Palvin & More [LINKS]

The Best Water Parks With The Wettest Rides In The US Any indication that summer is here usually starts with...

Jun 27, 2013

Daily Six Pack: Insane Movie Theories, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & More [LINKS]

The 10 Most Insane Movie Theories On the surface, Revenge of the Nerds is a simple geeks vs. jocks comedy,...