Nov 15, 2015

Don Vito Margera, Uncle of Bam And Star of 'Jackass,' RIP [VIDEO]

Vincent “Don Vito” Margera is dead--which makes for a good excuse to look at some comic highlights while also discussing his sexual assault charges...

Feb 28, 2015

Anthony Mason, RIP: Knicks NBA Legend Passes Away at the Age of 48 [VIDEO]

Actually, a lot of cities are going to be mourning Mason as a former player today. He was with six...

Jul 29, 2014

Louisville Cheerleader Found Dead In Apartment Complex

22-year-old student Danielle Cogswell, a former junior Olympian and Louisville Cardinals cheerleader, was found dead in the Cardinal Towne apartment...

Darryl Robinson: Celebrity Mixologist, RIP (And His Last Drink Recipe)

We’re very sorry to be waking up to the news that celebrity mixologist Darryl Robinson was found dead this morning...

Feb 5, 2014

The Man Who Invented the AK-47 Has Died

The AK-47 is without a doubt the most widely used firearm in the world today. It’s the weapon of choice...

Dec 23, 2013

Sylvia Kristel World’s First Adult Actress Found Dead [PHOTOS]

Arguably the world’s first porn star Sylvia Kristel was unfortunately found dead this morning after a battle with cancer. While...

Oct 18, 2012

Jul 20, 2012

Jessica Redfield, RIP: Sports Journalist and Victim of Aurora Shooting

Jessica Ghawi was one of the many theater patrons murdered during last night’s senseless shooting during a screening of The...

Jul 14, 2012

Sage Moonblood Stallone, RIP–And Thanks For These Videos Of The Day!

To reporters covering his death, Sage Stallone was the son of Sylvester Stallone. He was much more to film geeks. Sage used his showbiz heritage to restore some of the greatest schlock films of all time. He helped run Grindhouse Releasing, putting out pristine copies of plenty of genuinely weird movies. Celebrate Sage's heritage with four amazing grindhouse trailers--and follow the link inside to more Sage greatness!